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Abington Township Government Access Channel 

Abington Township offers a government access channel for residents who would like to view Township news, event information and recorded meetings. Information runs 24 hours a day and a tentative schedule of recorded meetings can be found below. When a meeting is not playing, information slides will be displayed. You may download our informational slides here.

Abington Township's channel no longer carries content from Abington School District. For information on ASD's channel, please go to

Comcast and Verizon each sponsor a government access channel:

  • Comcast Cable Channel 43 is our Comcast Sponsored Government Access Channel.
  • Verizon FiOs Channel 24 is our Verizon Sponsored Government Access Channel. 

Agendas, minutes and other meeting information for Township meetings can be found here. 


Government Access Channel Schedule

The schedule(s) below will be updated as Channel 43/24 programming is scheduled. This schedule is always subject to change due to outside factors like unexpected additions, or lengthy meetings.When a meeting is not playing, information slides will be displayed. You may download our informational slides here.

  • Week of 8/19/19:
    • 9AM, 2PM, 7PM, 1AM: August Board of Commissioners Meeting,Wissahickon Watershed Presentation, Montgomery County Commissioners Meeting (after 9AM and 7PM)
  • Week of 8/26/19:
    • 9AM, 7PM:Montgomery County Commissioners Meeting
  • Week of 9/2/19:
    • Nothing Planned
  • Week of 9/9/19:
    • 9AM, 2PM, 7PM, 1AM: September 2019 Committee Meetings, Montgomery County Commissioners (after 9AM and 7PM)

24- hour Meeting Videos Access 

Any recorded public Township meeting can be viewed at anytime on our video page. As of May 2019, the Township has transitioned to a more user friendly site, Viebit, to upload to and display its videos. Videos on there are categorized by types of meeting and sorted by date, and some are indexed to points of interest or the specific committee meeting. Questions regarding our videos or cable channel can be sent to

Visit to access Township videos at any time. 

Please note that some older videos may be available on our YouTube page, however new videos going forward will not be added there


Laws and Policies Governing Township Meetings