Yard Waste Collection

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doing yard debrisWhat is yard waste?
Yard waste includes normal lawn and garden debris such as leaves, brush, grass clippings, twigs, pruning and small branches (not more than 3 inches in diameter and no longer than 3 feet in length).

How and when do you dispose of yard waste?
Yard waste is picked up curbside March 1st through January 31st on the same day as your regular trash is collected. The exception being that on the collection day after a holiday there will be no yard waste collection.  On those days yard waste must wait until the following regular collection day. Bring no yard waste to the highway yard!

What container is used for yard waste recycling?
Yard waste will be accepted only in the 30 gallon brown biodegradable bags. Under no circumstances will plastic bags be accepted. These brown biodegradable paper bags are sold at various locations throughout the township. Brown biodegradable paper bags can weigh no more than 30 lbs.

They may be purchased at the Abington Township Building, Florey Lane Highway Yard, Abington Township Public Library, Alverthorpe Manor, Ardsley Community Center, Giant Food Store in Roslyn, and O'Neill's Food Market on Easton Road in Glenside.

How do you dispose of tree limbs and branches?
Brush and tree limbs for disposal must be cut into maximum 3 feet lengths and 3 inches in diameter. It must be bundled, tied and placed curbside on your normal trash day. Bring no brush or tree limbs to the highway yard.

How do you dispose of tree limbs and branches that are larger then 3 inches in diameter and/or longer then 3 foot in length?
You must contact your own contractor to get rid of tree limbs and branches which are larger than 3 inches in diameter and/or which are longer then 3 feet in length.

What materials are not included in yard waste recycling?
Do not include stones, rocks or dirt with the yard waste recycling.

Are brush and tree limbs and yard waste collected in a separate truck from the normal trash truck?
Yes. A separate truck from the trash truck as well as the commingle recycling truck collects brush and tree limbs and yard waste.

When and where are Christmas trees accepted?
We ask that you place your discarded tree curbside on your regular trash day beginning the first trash day of the year.  They are collected through the end of the month. A designated truck will collect the trees.

What materials are included in Christmas tree recycling?

Christmas trees and all greenery are included in this recycling.

Additional information on Christmas tree recycling:

The trees and greenery should be free of all decorations, wires and tree stands. The trees will be taken to the Public Works facility and chipped into mulch for residents' use in the spring. Trees will be collected curbside only, no trees can be taken to the Public Works yard by residents.

Should you have any questions with relationship to the above, please call (267) 536-1038.