Compost Site Facilities

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yellow_compostPublic Works Highway Yard
2201 Florey Lane
Abington, Pa., 19001
(267) 536-1038

Home Composting Information

The composting facility also known as the highway yard is at the "dead end" of Florey Lane. Florey Lane is directly across the street from Burger King's driveway on Easton Road at the intersection of Edge Hill Road.

There are two types of mulch available, wood mulch and leaf mulch. The wood mulch is a mixture of the residents' brush, tree limbs, grass clipping and leaves which have been collected in the brown biodegradable bags. These materials had been previously put into the landfill. The leaf much is composed of leaves which were raked curbside. The Township adds no chemicals to the product.

Benefits of Compost

The real beneficiaries are the end users of compost and mulch. Adding compost to soil increases the organic matter content of the soil. Organic matter is a key component of healthy soil. Increased organic matter helps a soil’s water dynamics, which means plants are more drought resistant.

Compost also provides slow-release nutrients for plants and can help reduce soil borne diseases. Mulch helps conserve soil moisture and reduce weeds. Eventually, the mulch breaks down and adds organic matter to the soil as well.

Changing our lawn management practices can divert thousands of tons of yard trimmings from the landfill. The more we can reduce our dependence on landfills by increasing the reuse of our natural resources, the greener Mother Earth will be for generations to come.

Distribution of Compost

In early spring mulch may be picked up by residents of Abington Township at the highway yard between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. WEEKDAYS only.

Mulch is also transported to Alverthorpe Park which is located at Jenkintown Road & Forrest Avenue in Jenkintown, Crestmont Park which is located on Old Welsh Road & Cummings Street, Willow Grove, Pa. directly across the street from Willow Grove Mall, and Baederwood Park which is located on Highland Avenue in Abington. These areas are open to residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our mulch is a very popular item and does not last long.


If the resident loads the mulch there is no cost to the resident. The cost for the township loading mulch into privately owned vehicles at the highway yard is $2.50 per cubic yard.