Traffic Signal/Street Lights

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The Traffic Signal and Maintenance Division of the Department of Public Works provides for operation, maintenance, repair, and construction of new and existing traffic signals, and street lights. In addition, this division maintains school speed limit flashing beacons, fire station beacons and other types of flashing signals.

Street Lights
If you believe a street light is warranted in your neighborhood, you must first contact your commissioner. To report a Street light problem, contact Street Light Maintenance at (267) 536-1033 or (267) 536-1037 or send Email. A service request will be generated. You may be asked for specifics such as the pole number if available, the location of the street light and the exact nature of the problem, an example being, the light remains on all of the time. PECO makes some of these repairs. Some repairs may take seven working days.

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Traffic Signals
In order for a traffic control signal to be installed certain criteria must be met:

  • Volume of vehicles, cycle and pedestrian traffic
  • Access for side street vehicles and pedestrians
  • Physical intersection layout
  • Safety record of the intersection
  • Proximity of schools and other facilities
  • Volume of turning traffic.

To report a Traffic signal problem, contact Traffic Signal Maintenance at (267) 536-1033 or you may send email. You may be asked for additional specifics such as direction of travel, is light on a pole or on mast, what color is the defective light, etc.

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