Street Maintenance

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Abington's Highway Department repairs and maintains more than 200 miles of township roadways including temporary and permanent street patching, streets overlay, street sweeping, traffic legends and line painting, as well as regulatory sign repair and replacement.

line paintingPotholes
Street maintenance is responsible for repairing potholes. This service is not done during the winter season as hot asphalt used for permanent patching is unavailable and cold patch must be used. Initial repairs are temporary. Permanent repairs are made when weather permits usually starting at the end of March. If a pothole is reported in a street not maintained by Abington Township, the Streets Department will notify the proper parties of the problem. (Email to report a "Pothole")

Patching Streets
Minor patching and repair of township streets include permanent asphalt patching on deteriorated surfaces, patching of utility cuts and trenches in emergency situations only, crack sealing, and repair of miscellaneous concrete facilities such as retaining walls.

The traffic crew is responsible for maintaining, servicing, repairing, installing and removing street signs, traffic control signs, crosswalk markings, and lane line markings within the Township of Abington.

Most of the guardrails throughout the township are maintained, installed or replaced by the Public Works Department. The remainder are maintained by the state. Persons requesting the maintenance of a guard rail should contact the Public Works Department at (267) 536-1037.

Road Debris & Street Sweeping
The Highway Department is responsible for clearing debris from public roadways. This includes major obstructions such as fallen tree limbs and accident debris. The township street sweeping program runs throughout the entire year, weather permitting. Abington Township currently has one street sweeping unit.

The township's weed control ordinance requires that owners, lessees, agents, occupants or managers must restrict the height of weeds. Exceptions to this ordinance are those areas which are maintained by the Highway Department. These include stream bed and drainage, and township owned open space.

Trees & Branches
Property owners are responsible for removing, trimming, cutting, or otherwise rectifying trees, bushes, and shrubs on their property which overhang a sidewalk or right of way creating a hazard, obstruction or sight problem. Trees may be trimmed by the various utility companies to minimize problems caused by branches rubbing on wires and lines. This activity is not an Abington Township service.

Overlay Streets
This program provides for resurfacing of streets to improve riding comfort, reduce the need for maintenance and increase the life of the street. The streets resurfacing schedule is based on the condition of the roadway and the volume of traffic. The street resurfacing schedule is coordinated with all other township departments and all private utility companies' planning projects in effected right of ways.

Overlay is usually done during the summer months. Each year information from random sample sections of numerous streets are collected. The information gathered consists of length and width of cracks, severity of weathering, number of potholes, patches, bumps, sags and other distress. This material is then analyzed and recommendations are made which streets to pave for optimum cost benefit.

To report any problems or concerns relating to the above-mentioned conditions contact the Street Department at (267) 536-1037 with the nearest street address or intersection and the location or you may send email. Email a Concern to the "Highway Department".