Mobile Communications Van

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fieldcom2The Mobile Communications Van (Field Com - 2) is capable of coordinating radio communications on various frequencies and with numerous response agencies

during any emergency or event. Police, Fire, EMS, Public Works, Hospitals, etc. can remain in instant communication with the Incident Commander at the scene.

Field Com - 2 communications was a joint venture with the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety, which owns the vehicle. Abington Township helped equip the unit, houses the unit, and is responsible for coordinating response to various incidents.

In addition to emergency response radio frequencies, the unit has scene lighting and public address capabilities. The unit can be powered by its own 5kw generator, or connected to external power.

As well as other command post equipment, the unit contains a 100 watt amplifier with AM/FM tuner, and a tape and CD deck, surveilence camera, Night-Scan lighting, and other electronic capabilities. These capabilities are used to support many community functions requiring communications, video, lighting and sound.