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Comcast Cable Channel 43 is our Comcast Sponsored Government Access Channel.
Verizon FiOs Channel 24 is our Verizon Sponsored Government Access Channel. 
They run Township and School District Information 24 hours a day. We also periodically run township events such as Board of Commissioner meetings.
You may download our informational slides here.

The agendas and minutes for various meetings can be found HERE

Board Policy and Procedure

Board Policy on Public Participation

You may view selected township and commissioner meetings on our YouTube page:




The schedule(s) below will be updated as Channel 43/24 programming is scheduled.


WEEK OF 7/9/18

9AM,2PM,7PM,1AM: June 26th Planning Commission (BET Investments), Glenside 4th of July Parade

WEEK OF 7/16/18

9AM,2PM,7PM,1AM: July 2018 Board of Commissioners,Mediplex Neighborhood Meeting

WEEK OF 7/23/18

9AM,2PM,7PM,1AM: July 2018 Board of Commissioners, Mediplex Neighborhood Meeting

WEEK OF 7/30/18

9AM,2PM,7PM,1AM:July 24th Planning Commission

WEEK OF 8/6/18

9AM,2PM,7PM,1AM:July 24th Planning Commission

WEEK OF 8/13/18

9AM,2PM,7PM,1AM:August 2018 Board of Commissioners

Township Bulletin Board Information plays during no scheduled events.
School District Bulletin Board Information plays from 5:30am-9am