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Wayne Luker2014ColorAbington Township is an exciting place to live! We offer many opportunities for community involvement in events and programs, and we boast an administration and citizenry full of innovative ideas that are pursued each year.

Abington's 2016 financial status remains stable under the close supervision of the staff, administration, and Board of Commissioners.  This year's budget reflects a solid commitment to the Commissioners' goals to provide a safe community with job creation, strategic economic development, stewardship of our environment, and efficient services.

The Board of Commissioners meets on the second Thursday of every month and welcomes your interest and input.  Citizens can also follow these meetings on Comcast Channel 43, and Verizon 24.  We discuss and adopt policies for Abington Township on issues regarding land development applications, road improvements, refuse, public safety, and capital improvement projects.

Looking forward to 2018, Abington Township will continue to be an involved, high-spirited community that is fortunate to have so many proud citizens who possess a vested interest in the Township's future.  They take their responsibility seriously by volunteering on boards and commissions as well as for service to their police and fire departments.

Abington Township is known for its leadership and continues to be recognized for sound governmental planning and overall management practices...and 2018 will not disappoint!

Wayne C. Luker
President - Board of Commissioners

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