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Abington Township Water Quality

Post Date:06/08/2016 3:55 PM

Horsham Open House

The training exercises at the Willow Grove Air Force base utilizing fire-fighting foam have resulted in ground water contamination with elevated levels of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) and Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA). While the EPA has no official standards on acceptable levels of PFOS and PFOA, it recently issued health advisory limits which were exceeded in the area around the Willow Air Force base. As a result of those levels, approximately 140 private residential wells in Horsham and Warrington have been taken out of service. More concerning were several public source wells supplying a portion of the public water supply in those communities, which were also taken out of service due to elevated PFOS and PFOA levels. 

Attached is an informative handout, distributed at a recent open house in Horsham, containing more detailed information on the Willow Grove Air Force base activity.

There is no correlation with the problems around the Willow Grove Air Force base and the drinking water of Abington Township residents. The vast majority of Abington residents receive their water from public water supplies through Aqua. According to an Aqua representative, the Abington water supply comes from a number of sources including; surface water from Neshaminy creek, an inter-connect with Bucks County sewer and water, as well as various wells in the Abington area. The combination of these sources is processed at Aqua’s treatment facility, treated and sampled daily.

While not related to the problems in Horsham, but rather Flint Michigan, for the past several years Aqua has been aggressively replacing their water mains in Abington Township, which should diminish any issues with lead levels in the water being distributed.

In the light of the above information, there appears to be no valid reason for any Abington resident to have concerns over the water being supplied to their homes.

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