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Verizon FiOS availability

Residents check for availability of FiOS

Post Date:05/01/2017

To all Abington Township residents:

Abington Township entered into a franchise agreement with Verizon, requiring them to provide access to fiber-optic television and internet services (FiOS) to ALL Abington Township residents by May 10th, 2017.  Verizon officials have taken the position they are fully confident of their ability to comply with that deadline. Should they fail to meet it they may be responsible for a $100 per day penalty until the conditions of the agreement are met.

That being said, there is no way for Township staff to verify compliance. Any information on the lack of availability of service will have to come from Township residents.

After May 10th, residents can visit Verizon’s website (, click on check availability (under the ad for TV service) and provide their mailing address. After a few seconds, the availability of FiOS service will be confirmed or a response that service is not yet available for that property. Any resident who does not have service available at their propety, should email the township manager’s office at or and include their name, contact information and mailing address of the property where service is not available. You may also call the manager’s office at 267-536-1001.

With residents help we are confident that Verizon will hold up their end of the agreement in a timely manner, and provides FiOS access to all of Abington Township.

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